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Technical consultant, mobile web expert, agile coach & mentor

Getting it Right, the First time

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RJL Guru can ensure your new web application project is done right!

With over 25 years of software development experience and 15 years of internet development. RJL Guru can assist your team or build your new web app. I am not a designer, however I do work well with designers to build amazing things.

My Services

Web Application Development

I can create your web application from the ground up, using the latest technologies. Or I can simply "fix" your existing web application to meet modern standards.

Mobile Development

I approach new application development thinking about mobile from the start. Responsive interfaces that flow seemlessly from large device to small, using the same codebase.

Team Consulting

I can consult with your technical team, providing insight into industry best practices and techniques that are proven to help your existing we web application stability, performance and usability.

Agile Coaching

You have heard about this Agile methodology, I have lived it for over 15 years. Let me assist you with your struggles with the Agile process, let me be your coach.

I can help fix your problems

Some of my Clients

CMS front end, SQL Server backend, iOS/Android apps, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile.

Consulting, agile coaching, custom front end web development, project management.

Responsive web marketing front end (Zurb Foundation), dynamic customer engagement, SEO marketing and Google Adwords.

Online business card, responsive interface both mobile and tablet friendly (Zurb Foundation), Google Analytics resource.

Total website rewrite, fully responsive front end (Twitter Bootstrap), SEO and Google Analytics.

E-commerce retailer and re-seller, dynamic site with SQL Server backend, Google Analytics event tracking.

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Voicemail: 815-200-4755